The Lover’s Way

The lover’s way is the way of being in love with life, giving and receiving sensual and sexual energies at all times. Not just during sex. This is because sexual energy is not different from vitality or general life energy, except that sexual energy is particularly excited about the human form, and the process of elevating the body into a gateway to the ecstatic.

Sexual energy is a manifestation of the soul’s love of form. This energy flows in all directions, through all the dimensions of life, tingling and electrifying everything it touches. We call this Love – The recognition as incarnate human beings, that we are not alone in this world, we are connected intimately to the life of the cosmos.

When a man loves a woman, he wants to enter her and let his electricity flow. He wants to surrender to the divine energies of life gushing through his body, and release the gift of orgasm into her. His desire is that together they enter heaven, for a timeless moment, and then lie in each other’s arms.

When a woman loves a man, she wants to receive his divine masculine energy into her body. She wants to be penetrated by him, welcome his essence gushing into her. The woman has the ability and the power to give birth, by allowing his energy to combine with hers and create new bodies. Human bodies are created in the ecstatic sexual union of a woman receiving a man into her body.

When a man is in love with a woman, everything he does he does for her and for the babies that emerge from their lovemaking. All day long, as he works with the world, he is gathering sexual energy to bring to her, and give to her. When he is making business deals, it is to gather energy to provide for her and the children. When he walks down the street and admires beautiful young women, and feels stirred with lust, he wants to bring that lust home and give it to his woman, for she is the one he loves. She is the particular female form he has chosen. A man’s delight in the female form – legs and butts and breasts and faces and the delightful energy shimmering around a woman. Even though a man is attracted to all women, he wants to bring that attraction home and consummate it with his mate.

In orgasm, the man and the woman merge in fireworks, they meet in the field of magnetism.

Magnetic Fields

When a man is sexually turned on, he feels his body pulsating with magnetism and a charge of powerful life force. This force wants to pulsate, to play like music, gush and be fulfilled. The man wants to be met.

Here is the same movie as above, encoded in higher quality at Vimeo

Magnetic Movie from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

Men tend to be much faster than women to become turned on. A healthy man can become aroused almost instantly, in a few seconds. For a man and a woman to meet, it helps if the man practices meditation to soothe and ADD serenity to his impetuous sexuality; and it helps if a woman does an intensity meditation, to ADD sexual feelings to her everyday life, to speed herself up, so that she is ready for the man. A woman needs to practice sexual magnetism as she goes about her day, so that she is electrically charged and wants to meet her man in the subtle fireworks of the sexual embrace.