kuhanena prayogena sadya eva mrgeksane
samudeti mahānando yena tattvam prakāsate

Old translation

Watching a magic performance,
Or being tickled –
Delight arises in the heart.
Entering this joy,
Know it as the essence of creation.

but wait! There is a huge amount of stuff in here. I over simplified.

it is more like this:

Adorable One,
When shocked out of your comfort zone –
Drenched by a sudden downpour of rain,
Your armpit being tickled,
Watching a magic show,
And you dissolve into helpless laughter

Dive into the source of that joy
Enter this burbling delight as the essence of creation.

kuhanena - austerities, performing, According to Lakshman, a trick. Or tickling the armpit. Something that makes you laugh wildly. Kuhana, juggling.
prayogena - by the application. Prayoga.
sadya - immediately
eva - verily
mirgeksane - o gazelle eyed one
samudeti - sam udeti, then arises
maha - great
ananda - bliss
yena - by which
tattvam - the essential elements
prakasate - are illuminated

Laksman Joo says kuhana can also mean tickling the arm pit.

when something tickles you, a light touch on your armpit,
a juggler’s moves or a deprivation of comfort -
or you are walking and the rain falls, soaking you
or you have to slog through mud,
you can enter the gateway right there
a great bliss arises in your being
and your essence is illuminated
immediately, Delight arises in the heart,
Flood of bliss

Lakshman Joo

Jaideva Singh:

Swami Satyasangananda